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Mama's Yoga Kit

This is your toolkit to ditch the overwhelm, build clarity + focus and get the creative juices flowing.

3 x yoga classes
3 x guided meditations
2 x guided breathing practices

Relaunching soon

Pregnancy + Postpartum Series

The prenatal yoga series will help you build strength and stamina, flexibility and balance, whilst teaching you how to connect with your breath and bring awareness to your body; supporting you in the best possible way as you journey through your pregnancy. It will also help you stay active and connected throughout your pregnancy.

The postnatal yoga series will guide you through safe practices to rebuild your strength and stability whilst working with the body to combat postural positions we often find ourselves in as mothers. Includes:

+ 18 x guided yoga classes for each stage of pregnancy + postpartum
+ Guided meditations for birth and beyond
+ Guided breathing practices for labour
+ Connect with self + baby through pre and postnatal yoga ebook

Relaunching soon